Though my latest epistle from our Welsh publican John Dingley indicates he’ll be back Thursday, I’ve heard other sources suggests he lands today in Minnesota after three weeks back in Builth Wells. So there is no time like the present, friends, for toasting the man, whether he’s in the pub or not! Or if you’re his enemy, then enjoy this last day of freedom. Tonight Bill Watkins leads the Old Molly’s Folk Jam. Join us in the pub and on the patio as the kids provide the righteous tunes. It’s a fine time, this Humpday. It’s one of our faves. Music starts around 8:30 pm.


Rush River Unforgiven. This amber ale comes to us from the Rush River Brewing Co. in River Falls, Wisconsin. Lovely stuff. Tasty and smooth. And we’ll soon have Rush’s Bubblejack (an India Pale Ale). So pop in and sample our newest tap selections.


Sharon Stiteler–the Birdchick–has announced on her blog that the next Birds & the Beers gathering will be at Merlins Rest on September 18 at 6 pm. Awesome. If you have even a passing interest in bird-watching, stop in and meet the members of this group. It’s an informal gathering and loads of laughs. Read more at her site via the link above.


* Does a bear scratch its back in the woods? Science unlocks what few of us considered a mystery. It’s kind of neat, actually….

* Well this is comforting: to fix a plane in Nepal, goats were sacrificed to a Hindu god. Note to self: DO NOT FLY TO OR FROM NEPAL.

* Nurses may be banned from wearing crocs. But what an out-of-date ban! Crocs are soooooo 2006.

* Prohibitionists may have chased Sir Winston Churchill from Dundee in 1922.

* And from the Department of Useless Studies: some brainiacs in Liverpool have conducted an extensive study and found that rock stars are more likely to die young than ordinary people of the same age. Really?