Humpday has arrived! The heat is still rising outdoors, but it’s not all so unpleasant, cooling off as it does in the evening. But it’s always cool in the pub in the summer. Pop in and enjoy a pint and the Old Molly’s Folk Jam!

Each Wednesday night the folk players bunker down at a table near the front and provide the foot-tapping rhythms and tunes to sing along with, should your voice be so moved. Good evenings are to be had here. We’ll see you soon.


* Hopscotch and other outdoor games are making a comeback, it seems

* Paris Hilton is to star in an organ-harvesting futuristic rock opera film. I smell box office poison!

* And an Indonesian fisherman has caught a rare coelacanth–a fish often referred to as a living fossil


Tell your friends! Tell your enemies! Thursday, August 2, at 7:30 pm we’ll hold our next single-malt scotch tasting. This event’s theme: “Special Character.” Join us!