Tonight: Wednesday Pub Quiz
Time: 7:30 pm

Well well well! Look who has a birthday tonight: Bernard Black turns 29!

A little bird reports:

One should look for the guy who eerily resembles Bernard Black to be celebrating his big 29th birthday tonight, Wednesday, October 1.  He’ll be joined by Manny, Fran and the crew. To find him: look for the sport coat made of receipts or listen for the muttering about customers.

Mutterings or no, hey: Happy birthday, Bernard. We hope you have grand time.


Join us for John Dingley’s mid-week torture session: the Specialist Pub Quiz. It’s governed by a theme or single topic (as opposed to Sunday night’s general interest quiz). The details: 25 questions, 2 points per question (answered correctly), teams of up to four. Charge? Free, of course! That’s how a pub quiz should be. Participants get a point for their participation, and those participation points accrue each week and are added to your final quiz score. So if you score 38 and this is your 10th quiz, you have a 48. Why is this important? When someone scores a 50, they win the pot! As John puts up to $40 each week in, it can become quite a bit.

Thursday, 7:30 pm

The Whisky Wench (Fiona) returns on Thursday, October 2 at 7:30 pm to host the next Single-Malt Whisky Tasting. The details:$25 flat fee to participate; 4 – 5 grand pours from our extensive stock. It’s great fun and really really great scotch. Cheers to the Wench! She’s an absolute gem.

Monday through Thursday

From 4:00 – 6:00 pm, Monday through Thursday, we’re offering $3.75 import pints–and we’ve got some of the best: Guinness, Belhaven, Fuller’s, etc. Other beer and liquor specials will be available too, as will food specials on cheese dips, lamb chops and more. We’re even going to throw in some prize drawings.