Tonight: The Hot Club of East Lake (Jazz)
Time: 9 PM

First, let me say thank you to everyone who was out last night. Fantastic time! We had so many Celtic session musicians that one group played in the bar and the other in the restaurant. Even Tom Dahill showed up. Really quite lovely, that music. Eventually, the musicians collapsed into a single group of 10.

Incredibly spirited night: the music, the people, the pints. And Katie’s birthday to boot. Thank you, friends.


Spring is here–I really believe it this time!–the weather’s warming up, and we’re digging these evenings. Celebrate it with us! Have a cocktail, a bite to eat, and enjoy some jazz from the Hot Club of East Lake and Papa John. They’ll be in the pub tonight and they play some of the finest jazz in the Cities. Music starts at 9 pm.

Stop in and share a bit of your evening with the pub.