Ah, what’s 50 degrees? Nothing. Not anymore. Autumn has settled in and the Minnesota blood has warmed to the chill. It also helps to have a cottage pie or pasty and a couple pints of Guinness!

So, hey: It’s Friday. To that we say: AWESOME.

Tonight we continue one of the oldest of Irish traditions: the session. The musicians will be in the pub playing jigs and reels and whatever else moves them as they enjoy their evening right alongside you. And we’ll have our many friends in kilts in the pub too. So join us for a festive Friday eve and add to it your laughter.


Wednesday, October 31 – Samhain Celebration! – Samhain (”November” or “for the feast” depending on whether you’re coming from Gaelic or Scottish Gaelic) is the Celtic New Year. This year it lands on Wednesday–the night on which we routinely hold the Old Molly’s Folk Jam with our boy Billy Watkins. Add to Samhain and the Jam the annual Halloween fun and you’ve got one hell of a night.

Hey: Come as yourself or someone else.