we are SUPER excited for British Pie Week!! we have the steps to order your take home pies. See you at the pub! British Pie Week

take a look at the order form for take away pies and let us explain an easy way to order your pies!

  1. Decide on the flavor of pies you want
  2. decide on the number of each of the pies you want
  3. decide on the day and time you would like to pick up your pies
  4. give Merlins a call at 612-216-2419 and place your order for your pies
  5. have your credit card ready for payment
  6. pick up your pies on the day and time agreed upon
  7. wrap your pies well and place in the freezer for a later date
  8. put your handy magnet on your fridge for easy reference
  9. the day has come to eat your delicious pie…
  10. enjoy and you are welcome xoxo

pie order form