Monday Open Mic
Time: 8:00 pm

Every Monday, we start off the week with the Open Mic, hosted by Harrison Matthews. The ever-changing participants of this event deliver an eclectic mix of songs, stories, poems and so forth.

It’s your mic, it’s your talent. We invite all patrons to join in the community: lend your voice and ears! Raise a pint and start the week with a little creativity. Cheers!

9:30 pm

Last year we lost our good friend Tim Dickson, who passed away suddenly in his sleep much too young. Tim was a fantastic supporter of Scottish culture in Minnesota. The Scottish Country Dance Society will be holding an event at the Tapestry Folkdance Center on Minnehaha on June 8. Afterwards, they plan to come to Merlins Rest to raise a commemorative pint to Tim. Time: 9:30 / 10:00 pm.


Other events from our Events page:

June 12, Friday, 4:00 – 7:00 pm – Knit Night
It seems a curious sight, but it’s an absolute blast. Knitters from the Twin Cities gather here at Merlins every month to trade stories, further their skills, and, all in all, take down a few pints. We love ‘em dearly. For those interested in learning more or perhaps joining them, they’ll be here June 12 from 4:00-7:00 pm. All are welcomed.

June 20, Saturday, 3:30 – 7:00 pm – Doctor Who Meetup Group
Whovians unite! We always love to see our friends in the Minneapolis Doctor Who Meetup Group. Fantastic group; great fun. Join ‘em if you’ve got even a casual interest in the series (then or now). It’s free and fun.

June 29, Monday – 6:00 pm – John Marty Fundraiser
Yer man John Dingley reports that a John Marty fundraiser will be held here at Merlins at 6:00 pm on Monday, june 29. Details to follow.