It’s the midweek, so we’re breaking out some instruments and having a jam. Join it, enjoy it, ignore if you like. Arm yourself with guitars and mandolins. Whathave you. It’s informal and fun. It pairs wonderfully with a pie and a pint, and all in all reminds us that the midweek is not the time to bury one’s head but to stay lively and happy. We hope to see you here!

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Isles News First

* An English goth couple were banned from a bus for the man walking the woman on a leash. Let’s be honest: the bus ban’s a bit silly, but the leash is sillier.

* Is the the story of the Three Little Pigs too offensive for today’s children?

* Swimming fish generate the heat necessary to heat their own waters? Apparently; so finds a fish farm in Wales. Neat.

Events of Note

* On Friday, January 25, we’ll celebrate Robert Burns’ legacy British Isles style. Join us for the Robert Burns Appreciation Night: live Celtic music, Burns songs and poems, a whisky toast, and an appropriately misplaced kickoff (8 PM). All are welcomed.

* The 2008 St. Patrick’s Day Parade in St. Paul will take place March 15 at high noon. Check out the info at the St. Patrick’s Association of St. Paul website.

* The St. David’s Society of Minnesota is planning a St. David’s Banquet for March 1 in St. Paul. Visit the Society’s website for more information.

* The Scottish Ramble is coming up! It’s a chilly affair, but all the more reason to pop through in kilt, visit the booths, and watch some of the Irish and Scottish dancing. Afterwards, come by Merlins Rest for a pint of Belhaven and a telling of tales.