John Dingley may still be kicking about Wales at the moment (haven’t heard from that yowling cat yet), but I’m back from the Nordic latitudes and feeling quite good. It’s Tuesday and that brings Bedlam! Come visit the boys in the pub as they provide the Scottish, Irish and all-around good folk jammin’ tunes. And get to know the Tuesday crowd because they are always good fun in their own right. Spirited and friendly. We’re big fans of it all on Tuesdays.

Some Readables

* T-Rex could outrun Beckham (even if his ankle was healthy!)

* From the Department of Watkins: The Bavarian Beaver is on the comeback

* Scotland has shelved the idea of promoting itself as “the best small country in the world.” Perhaps they’ll promote the Scottish language’s many words for smells? (Oh, calm down, ye Scots. You know I love ye!)

* And topical for us: a new book contends that Merlin the Wizard (of Arthurian lore) was not Welsh but Scottish.