Oh, the times we live in. OJ is back in the news. The Twins have managed to win three games in a row. And Wall Street just can’t make up its mind.

How does one keep it all together? You need not consult tea leaves or the stars. No baubles or crystals are required. No, what you need is a little a fun. So look no further than Merlins on a Thursday night! We’ve got Dino and the Dinosaurs in the pub tonight to play some of the Cities’ best blues for you.

Warm up for the weekend with some meal, drink and a loads of good times.


The gap in understanding of English between the US and the British Isles is not all too great but the difference in word selection and phrases is significant and can be, quite honestly, great nerdy fun. The World Wide Words site and e-newsletter, edited by Michael Quinion, address international English…from a British perspective (and with great humor).

So stop by the Words site and load up on terms and phrases with which to baffle and amaze your friends, or just to keep up with Bill Watkins.


* There’s the Mickey Mouse Club, the Mile-High Club, and Canadian Club. News reaches us now that Brussels has joined the Two-Hour Club.

* Speaking of clubs, get this Scottish pensioner in Fight Club! A 71-year-old grandmother armed only with a purse came out the better in a confrontation with a gunman in Glasgow.

* Sian Lloyd, a weather forecaster in Wales, has won the Read of the Year award.

* Is there a philatelists in the audience!? The UK has released stamps detailing the history of British Army uniforms.

* Our friend DocLngHair reviews the Green Goblin cider.
* And best wishes to our bloodied warrior Tuckmac who experienced both ends of the karmic spectrum in short succession.