After so much heat, yesterday’s reprieve was welcomed and provided a gorgeous day for wandering about the Celtic Fair over on Harriet Island. I enjoyed a Finnegan’s, caught some dancing, listened to a few musicians, and even caught site of a man holding a boombox in front of a microphone. For 45 seconds Celtic music poured from it. There must have been more to it than that, for a whole tent-full of people were on the edges of their seats for it. Huh.

There’s still good summer left to be enjoyed, friends. As the days get progressively more mild, the patio is even more inviting, is it not? Perhaps we’ll see you out there this evening!

And keep an eye on Tuesday night for the return of John Sjogren with Bedlam. Ol’ boy has been wandering Scotland again.


* A 17-year-old girl finds a way to overdose on espresso

* The Purple Moose Brewery (Bragdy Mws Piws) in Gwynedd, Wales has won an award for “Best Bitter” in the Champion Beer of Britain 2007 competition. Well done!

* The Scots is available online now with a new archive. The archive contains more than 4 million words and examples of usage from Scots and Scottish English. Article here; Archive here. Groundskeeper Willy would be proud!

* A Russian virus wants to eat your superbug bacteria

* Former Wisconsin governor Tommy Thompson has (finally) dropped out of the presidential race. To that decision we say “Duh!”

* Useless celebrity news: Eddie van Halen and David Lee Roth have reunited.

* And the Kew Flagpole, once the world’s tallest, has been weakened not only by rot but by woodpeckers. If only there was a way on a blog to colorfully insert Woody Woodpecker’s laugh right here….