College football has returned, the US Open moves into its second week, and the Rugby World Cup is nigh. But sports is only half of the old Sports & Leisure category in Trivial Pursuit. Leisure is ours!

It’s Labor Day weekend so most of us have plenty of time to appreciate the time. Pop in for a pint and a bite to eat, sit back, and feel good. If you’ve got a joke, share it. We appreciate a good laugh.

Tonight in the pub: the Hot Club (circa 9 pm).

Sunday night: the weekly pub quiz at 8 pm!


* The Handlebar Club, who we mentioned on this site a spell back, is holding its World Championship in England right now. Zounds! Those are some freaky beards and mustaches.

* Palm trees in Dublin? Ireland’s climate may be warming twice as fast as other world zones.

* The Beer Hunter (the other Michael Jackson) has died

* Now, really. A bicycle riot? Knock it off, yous.