Tonight: Monday Open Mic
Time: 8:00 pm

Tonight, as every Monday, we start off the week with the Open Mic, hosted by Harrison Matthews. The ever-changing participants of this event deliver an eclectic mix of songs, stories, poems and so forth.

It’s your mic, it’s your talent. We invite all patrons to join in the community: lend your voice and ears! Raise a pint and start the week with a little creativity. Cheers!

Saturday, June 6
All invited!

Bird is the word, friends. The merlin, for example, has obvious appeal to us at Merlins Rest (for merlin is the raptor, the magician who unites the lore of the Isles, and the Spitfire engine that did much to enable the saving of England during World War II). But we’re talking about raptors today. Specifically, the peregrine falcon and a very special opportunity to witness this incredible conservation work going on right now.

The Raptor Restoration Program has done some absolutely fantastic work in Minnesota and our neighboring states. Yer publican John Dingley, who routinely lets loose his bird brain during our Sunday night pub quizzes, has been involved for many years.

On Saturday, June 6, John and our very good friends Teresa McCormick and Bob Anderson will lead a tour along the Mississippi River to Maiden Rock. Participants will get a first-hand look at the restoring of the peregrine falcon population–a truly admirable and impressive undertaking in our region.

Freedom Park in Prescott will be part of the tour and offer a gorgeous view from 400 feet up the cliff!

A tour bus will offer three pick up and drop off sites, one of which is at Merlins Rest (8:00 am pick up, 4:00 pm drop off). Fee for the tour: $42 (for a very worthy cause). Questions? Register? Call 651-855-8515.

The informational flyer can be downloaded here in PDF: Dingleys_Adventure.