Though I was a bit confused last week and thought Wednesday was Monday–I’ll blame the New Year’s holiday–today is most definitely Monday. As such, we’re starting off the week with a bit of creative fun: the Merlins Rest Open Mic!

Join our friend and host Harrison Matthews, a good man and fine writer.

Bring your guitar, your singing voice, your accordian; your poems, your stories, your novel chapters. It’s your mic! Things begin around 8:00 PM.


* The story of Welshman Frank Jones, a WWII vet who’d been a prisoner of war, escaped from Germany, walked 435 miles to Odessa, and along the way saved a woman and her baby as they were fleeing Russia.  Check it out at the BBC.

* TV presenter Jeremy Clarkson boldly (or stupidly) published his bank account information in a newspaper column. Alas, he’s 500 pounds lighter for his hubris.

* Who’s the new Bond girl? We know.

* And what’s the most crowded nation in Europe? Yup: England.