Tonight: Open Mic
Time: 8:00/8:30 pm
Cost: Free (of course!)

St. Patrick’s Day seems another lifetime ago, doesn’t it? Alas, it was just last week. And we had a special open mic during it. But tonight we’re back on the normal course of things with the Merlins Rest Open Mic. Catch it tonight at 8/8:30 pm. It’s hosted by our good friend Harrison Matthews, and it’s loads of fun.

Lend your ear to it if you will, or perhaps even lend your voice and creative talent. Poems, stories, songs; guitars, tap shoes, whathave. It’s a spirited time. All are welcomed.


wenchpostermail.jpg Straight from the lady’s mouth: our wonderful Fiona is the Whisky Wench. She hosts a whisky tasting every first Thursday of the month. The next one will be April 3 at 7:30 pm. The event will take place here at Merlins, certainly, and have a $25 flat fee to participate. Four or five grand pours from our extensive stock will be featured. Check out the ever-growing and largest collection of single malts in the Twin Cities on our menu page.

Fiona will even be holding a special single-malt tasting up in Duluth at Carmody Irish Pub. That event will be held on April 12, but a time has yet to be firmed up. If you will be in Duluth that day, I suggest you at least pop through Carmody’s. It’s a fantastic joint. And our own Bill Watkins, who designed Merlins’ interior, designed Carmody’s too.


* Scotland may soon power its homes and not just its people with…scotch! While in the US many are pursuing the cow poop to power schemes, the Scottish have found they can convert scotch by-products into electricity. Juicy!

* E tu, Cymru! A Welsh couple is giving its children names from mythology, including Caesar and Achilles. That latter boy better watch those ankles….

* And in Dublin Ireland has marked the 92nd anniversary of the Easter Rising

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