Foremost, happy birthday to my brother the tK! Seems he and his wife will be celebrating it up in Fargo, actually. (They’ll be there for a wedding and reunion.) But those of us here can put on our kilts and raise a pint for the good man.

It’s Friday, friends: Kilt Night at Merlins Rest. The Celtic musicians will be in the pub, there will be plenty of laughter, and all in all we’ll usher in the weekend in style. See you tonight!


Traditional breakfast! More about that soon. ALSO: Big thanks for all the menu suggestions we’re getting. We’re working on it: more vegetarian options, bangers and mash, pie, etc. Keep the ideas coming!


GoodReads is an online social community for readers of books. WIRED magazine called it “Flickr for Your Books.” (Flickr is an online photo-sharing community. You can find, for example, images from Merlins Rest at my page.) Users can post reviews, upload cover images, connect with readers of similar books and authors, form reading groups, and much more.

Seems an Angi in Austin, Texas has read and enjoyed Scotland Is Not for the Squeamish by our own Bill Watkins and has now added his first memoir, A Celtic Childhood, to her to-read list. You can get your copies of Bill’s books right here at Merlins!


The St. Andrew’s Society of Minnesota will open our doors earlier than usual on Sunday and we’re happy to accommodate. The Society is an outstanding (and oft kilted) group with charitable, educational and social activities that promote Scottish heritage and culture.

Join ‘em between 1 and 5 PM for darts, cribbage, trivia, fellowship and more. Come meet our friends in SAS and get involved.

Regular pub fun, leading up to the Hot Club of East Lake’s jazz session, happens per usual from 4 PM onward.


The Reluctant Activisits for Ron Paul are going to be gathering at Merlins early on Sundays, it seems, circa 5 PM. So if you’ve got a curious political bone in you, you might check it out. Paul, for those not following the campaigns right now, is a somewhat off-the-media-radar libertarian Republican candidate. Here’s an October 4 article from the Washington Post.

If you are into politics but not Paul and you’d like to bring your group in, please do. We’ll be happy to put out word. We welcome everyone here. Come one, come all!