What happened to the week? Don’t get me wrong; I don’t mind that it passed so quick. But if you spot where I left Wednesday, please let me know!

So. Right. It’s Friday! I love that.

What else do I adore? Friday night at Merlins Rest. We’re breaking out the kilts and the Celtic musicians will be in the pub. It’s perhaps our most spirited evening each week, and it’s a gas. Put away those pans! Put away that stress! Pop up for a bite to eat, a drink or two, and relax with us as we listen to the good tunes, tell the good jokes, and all in all enjoy our Friday eve.

Music starts around 9 PM…but sometimes sooner. They’re musicians, after all. And when they come up, they’re up to have some fun in the pub too. Join us!


* A man in Sweden was nearly shot by an elk. I love this line: “Both man and beast remained on the forest floor for around 45 minutes before the elk retired to a more private spot and lay down to die.

* No more queuing for the loo! Get yourself a toilet from the Concorde.

* An English farmer has set up web cams to ape the popular series Big Brother…only he’s giving you access to his cows. The show is called Big Udders.

* British Isles Celebrity News! The new Bionic Woman is a former EastEnders actress. And if you’ve never seen EastEnders, well, you should. At least an episode. (It airs at times late on PBS.) It’s like a soap opera on fast-forward. Thirty-minute episodes composed of largely anecdotal exchanges, a few stunning plot twists (affairs, car accidents, even the occasional skag fiend), and lots of animosity. It’s like living in Lee Tomlin’s head!

* And Wales, ever securing its place in weirdness, has a somnambulic artist.