It’s Friday, friends, which means it’s Kilt Night. We invite (and encourage) you to don your kilts, your tartans, your Celtic wear. The Celtic musicians are invited up too, so we’ll be having our usual Friday fun. Last week we were treated to a rather wonderful group of knitters. It was really quite fascinating to look into the dining room and see tables pushed together and perhaps 20 people chatting, laughing and knitting.

(I also stumbled upon the rather extensive knit-blogging subculture. I love it!)

So what will happen tonight? Only one way to find out. See you soon!


* Sir Edmund Hillary, famed conqueror of Mount Everest, has died. Check out the photo retrospective at the BBC.

* A survey has revealed that Britons would want most to have Only Fools and Horses back on the air. (That, by the way, is the photo to the right. That certainly is not Sir Edmund!)

* Are Germans more efficient? According to this article, even German Shepherds (as in dogs) are more efficient than English breeds. Derbyshire police are even being taught German…so that they can communicate with the dogs.

* Straight out of Scotland! Cow dung power.