The kilts are out! Whether you’ve got the Scottish wear or not, whether you’ve got an Isle’s heritage or not, join us for Friday night’s warm, wonderful mayhem. It’s Kilt Night!

We’ve got pies, pints, punters and pontificators. We’ve got exposed and well-hidden knees.  We’ve got a Friday night like no other.

Music? Sure. The Irish musicians are always invited up for a live jam session! It’s an international incident, to be sure.

Music around 8:00 pm.


Open at 12:00 pm.

Music: Papa John and the Hot Club of East Lake, 8:30 pm

(and a quiz)

Join us for both conference championships on the big screen, including our very own Vikings. And please note: because the Vikings game has an unusual start time (5:40 pm), we will not hold our weekly Sunday pub quiz until about 8:30 pm, which will be about when one might reasonably expect the game to be over (though never underestimate the professional game’s skill for drawing out the action with incomplete passes, replays, etc.). So a later quiz this week, but it will be held! Just FYI.

Brunch: 10:00 – 2:00 pm
Playoff Game #1: Jets vs. Colts (2:00 pm)
Playoff Game #2: Vikings vs. Saints (5:40 pm)
The Sunday Night Quiz: 8:30 pm. Yer man Lee will host.


Burns Night
January 29

Burns Night returns! It’s one of the greatest celebration days on the Scottish calendar. Join us on Friday, January 29, for a Kilt Night like no other. Details will be sprinkled about here on the website throughout the month. Now, I know you can say “haggis,” but how often do you get to try it? Get on up here on Burns Night, for certain.

And there will of course be specials on scotch.

Valentine’s Dinner
February 13 

We’re holding our night for lovers one day early. A special dinner-for-two meal will be served. Make reservations early so you won’t be disappointed! Just $34.75. A menu will be released soon. (In years past, it has been spectacular.) And every woman gets a rose. Contact the pub at +1 612 216 2419 to make a reservation.

And there will be music, as Papa John and the Hot Club of East Lake will play, including the return of Clint Hoover.