Some of the birdwatchers who gathered in the pub last night. Lovely.

It’s getting hot out again, but we’re keeping the air cool inside Merlins and the mood warm with jokes, tales and plenty of music. Wednesday nights brings the Folk Jam to Merlins Rest–an informal gathering of musicians and friends. They plunk themselves down in the front corner and play for a spell starting at 8:00 or so. Add your voice to the chorus if you like, or just sit back with a pint and some fish and chips and enjoy the week’s midpoint.

And if you’ve got a laptop computer, please know that we offer free wi-fi too!

Bird Brains

Big thanks to Sharon Stiteler (a.k.a., The Birdchick) for bringing together so many birdwatchers for a lovely Tuesday evening gathering. (Confession: I really like that iPod-ready Birdjam! Maybe bird is the word for me too.) We look forward to the next gathering–and not just because it’s in the future!

For a recap of the evening, see the Birdchick blog.

Fire-Breathing Dragons

I wish I was a better photographer! This was, I thought, a neat moment to look up at the Welsh flag in the window and see the late day sun twisted in the block glass and seemingly be breathed out by the dragon.

In the News

* It’s Nelson Mandela’s birthday

* Daily vitamins (when healthy too) seem to be much more effective at reducing risk or duration of colds than dosing oneself with an outrageous amount of Vitamin C

* A Norfolk boy ordered a Playstation 2 on eBay for about $180. He received it, true; but found two errors in the shipment: one, it was missing two games; and two, there was nearly $90,000 stuffed in the package!!

* And chimps on treadmills