After a week off, our local (American) footballers return. Cheer on the hometown boys for the next three Sundays as we broadcast the Vikings here on the big screen.
So join us for specials and lots of good times. Specials start an hour before the Vikings games. (And being Sunday, why not pop up for brunch here? Our brunch is raved about–and rightly so! We also have fantastic bloody mary specials on Sundays too.)
November 13
Let them eat cake! Certainly. Not a bad idea, after all, for our good good friends–the Knitters!–will be up here this Friday afternoon into evening (circa 4:00 – 7:00). It’s their two-year anniversary as a group meeting in our pub and we have had an absolute blast with them. Great laughs.
So if you have even a passing interest in knitting, we encourage you to come up and get to know them. They’re worth your time.
Happy anniversary, friends!
Tuesday, November 10
Tuesday, Novembe 24
I have to apologize for a late posting of this announcement. A little email snafu has undermined my hopes to be ahead of the curve. 
So, here’s a bit from the coordinator of this free-to-all, open invite group who is kickin’ it old school:
On Tuesdays November 10 and 24, from 7:00-8:00 pm, we encourage you to bring a broom handle, wooden spoon and cutting board and learn how to create the rythms of our grandmothers as they did the magical work of churning, spinning, and herding. Learn folk songs in Norwegian, Old Norse, and rune charms as we play with the rhythms of life. 

For more information:

We are open!
The pub will be open at 10:00 am on Thanksgiving Day. A traditional Thanksgiving dinner will be available after 1:00 pm. The cost is $16.75 and includes:
* Choice of turkey breast or ham
* mashed potatoes with gravy
* herb stuffing
* garden peas
* dinner roll
* choice of garden salad or Guinness onion soup
* choice of warmed pie and a cup of vanilla ice cream
And there will be music! Whether you are here for dinner or simply popping out for a pint, we’ve got tunes to carry you through your holiday eve. Deano and the Dinosaurs are here at 8:00 pm for live music.
November 27
It’s one of the grandest days on the calendar: St. Andrew’s Day! Celebrate the patron saint of Scotland’s day in high style with traditional music and food.
Speaking of Scottish things…
Thursday, December 3
We are having a scotch tasting on December 3!! Details to follow….