On this Earth day we want to remind you how Merlins is working at saving the planet every day

  1. Merlins Rest does not use plastic drinking straws unless requested. Did you know that as a planet we use over 500 million straws every day? Did you know that plastic drinking straws are not biodegradable? Did you know that a majority of the world’s straws end up in our waterways, killing and hurting our friends of the sea!! If you must use a straw we ask that you use the same straw throughout your visit.
  2. Merlins Rest does not use plastic bags for our carry out. We only have canvas reuse bags available. We ask that you bring your bag with you each time you order take away with us. Also just a fun tip – take it with you to the grocery store – you will be SURPRISED how much these bags can hold!! For example, from personal experience, We normally have 3 bags of groceries (and hopefully that haven’t double bagged each bag – UGH) but with a Merlins bag we only need one and it has a lot of room to spare!!
  3. Merlins Rest uses a water pitcher for each table instead of individual glasses of water. Since switching to the water pitchers in February of 2017 we have saved over 20,000 gallons of water already!!! The pitchers were purchased in England from the Adnam’s Brewery in Southwold, Suffolk. Come June you will be able to preorder for your own pitcher – delivery in September!!!
  4. Merlins Rest has been on a mission to convert all our lighting to LED. Recently we changed our lighting in the kitchen to all LED. IT is so bright we have to turn Off lights to reduce glare!
  5. Merlins Rest installed two high efficiency furnaces in 2016

Merlins Rest is always looking for ways to help the environment and help save our planet – we hope that you will share with us the ways you help every day!