Merlins Rest is turning 10 years old and we will celebrate on Sunday, April 23 in conjunction with St. George’s Day, the patron Saint of England!

Join us in celebration! We will have traditional English dance troops, the Minneapolis Town Crier, Bagpipes, CAKE!, giveaways, beer and whiskey specials, and fun all day long! Oh…and the RETURN of the PIMMS CUP!!

Here’s 10 fun facts about Merlins Rest in honour of the last decade. Thank you to all who have helped us become your favourite neighborhood pub.

  1. Merlins Rest opened in the April of 2007. Merlins Rest opened for one day in March 2007 – the 17th – to celebrate St Patricks Day
  2. Lee and Tracie met at a Blue Man Group concert in 2007 but fell in love creating the Scotch Bible. Hours and Hours of working on the book!!
  3. Our Minister of Culture, Bill Watkins, grew up all over the British Isles and has written 3 novels about his life. He is also our Quiz Master every Wednesday night at 7:30pm.
  4. Merlins Rest has no apostrophe, because Rest does not belong to one Merlin, rather Merlins is a hub where multiple Merlins may rest. The Merlins Engine, Merlin the falcon bird, Merlin the Wizard, the HMS Merlin battle ship, The Merlin Helicopter which in service and there is a signed copy from 78th Squadron Pilotes, that fly out of RAF Benson
  5. Merlins Rest have the largest selection of Single Malt Scotch and Irish Whiskey in the state, competitively so in the region! We have 310 Single Malt scotches and 103 Irish whiskeys
  6. Each booth has a specific nation attached to it – the first being The United States then England then Ireland then Scotland then Wales.
  7. Our store room is known as the brig – the room was originally used for cash checking – that is why there is a grill on the door
  8. Our ice machine is named Natasha – the original was Brumhilda
  9. the rapper PROF created one of his first videos in our basement!
  10. There has been over 50 love matches at Merlins Rest – one being the owners!