Friday Events

Every Friday: Kilt and Corset Night All night!

Get in the spirit of your heritage by wearing your Tartan or if the mood strikes why not a corset? We have a gathering of the tartans and the corsets every Friday!

Every Friday: Irish Sessiun & Highland Pipes  9:30

A traditional Irish music session lead by the finest musicians around – with interludes by Highland pipers! If you play Irish music, you are welcome to join in. This is a very impromptu gathering, so some Fridays the crew may be otherwise engaged. Come early for a great spot to listen and participate!

Second Friday: Drunken Knitters 4:00

Have a passion for knitting?  Join our merry crew of knitters as they exchange patterns, stitches, beer and chat.  A traditional Pub event. Just celebrated 4 years of continued knitting at our Favorite pub!