New & exciting things are Merlins Rest!

We’ve got a handful of new products we’d like you to meet!

July desserts are here!

Chocolate Mosaic Cake: Creamy mousse placed strategically within rich chocolate cake, served on a pool of strawberry glaze.

chocolate mosaic cake


Strawberry Rhubarb FOOL: This dessert is the Eton Mess’s silly cousin!! Strawberries and rhubarb in a sweet cream, topped with Chantilly whip.

strawberry rhubarb fool




Pie of the Week (June 28 – July 5) TACO PIE! 

TACO PIEWe had a lot of fun creating this one, and you’ll have just as much fun eating it! Seasoned ground beef and onions with black beans, wrapped in flakey puff pastry with melty cheese over top. Then we top the pie with fresh shredded lettuce and tomato. Served with an incredibly delicious avocado sour cream. We’ve never had anything like this.





STOLI VANIL TAKEOVER happening all week long at Merlins Rest! We’ve asked each of our bartenders to create a specialty cocktail featuring Stoli Vanil, and each has come up with a unique and tasty drink that represents their style.

Stoli Vanil Takeover

(From left to right)
Wyder’s Pear Julep: Stoli Vanil, bruised mint, and Wyder’s Pear Cider. Simple, refreshing, poised.

Key Lime Pie Martini: as our bartender, Jim, would say, “I can make you the best darn key lime pie martini you’ll ever have.” Smooth, creamy, and equal parts sweet and tart.

Vanil Noir: Vanil, Kahlua, Guinness. Sleek and perfect for after dinner.

Orange Jennie: Jennie’s boozy version of an Orange Julius! Shaken to frothy perfection.

Bi-polar: named after Vanilla Ice’s 4th studio album…Vanil with artisan cold press, a touch of sweetness, and topped with cream.

Only $8 each…find your favourite!


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Commemorative Irish Whiskey Tasting

Bóthar na Saoirse:

The Road to Freedom

 – – –

Thursday, June 30, 2016


Irish Flag 1

Join Dennis, Bill, Lee, and the rest of us at Merlins Rest

A unique Irish whiskey tasting echoing historical milestones on
the long path to Irish Independence and the Birth of the Nation in
1916. The nuances of our featured selection of rare bottlings to be
explored by Merlin’s resident whiskey ghuru Dennis Skrade along
with historical commentary from Celtic historian Bill Watkins.


Slieve Foy 8yr single malt
46% ABV – Aged in first fill Bourbon barrels

**Production has ceased for this single malt Irish Whiskey, making this a rare tasting experience**

The Irishman 12yr Single malt

43% ABV; Aged in first fill Bourbon barrels

Michael Collins 10 yr Single malt

40% ABV – aged in Bourbon barrels and Sherry butts

**Production has ceased for this single malt Irish Whiskey, making this a rare tasting experience**

Lord Lieutenant Kinahan’s 10yr Single malt

46% – Aged in ex-bourbon barrels (charred oak)

$37.50 + tax per person

A $25 deposit is acquired at the time of registration

(this will go towards your bill that evening)

Reservations required: (612)216-2419

Ask for Alyssa or Tracie!

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Merlins Rest Block Party & British Car Show

June 12th 11am – 8pm we will be blocking off the street (again)!

block party

This time with a British classic car/motorcyle show (noon-4pm). Open registration begins at 11am. Any vehicle welcome as long as it’s British.

For your entertainment, we will have Morris Dancing, Scottish Dancing, LIVE MUSIC, and Pipers throughout the day with THE WILD COLONIAL BHOYS finishing us up (6:30-8:00)! Below is the schedule of events.

Come early and stay late – there will be a lot to do and see!! Face painting, all natural gluten-free dog treats from York’s Karma Bits, chalk wall, burgers and brats on the grill, beer tent, and more. Bring your lawn chairs, water bottles (we’ll provide the ice cold water), and your dogs! The weather is going to be perfect so don’t forget the sunscreen!! We hope you all can come and celebrate all things BRITISH!!

11am bag piper
11:15-12:00 Rich Lewis Trio performs
noon-12:10 – Bill Watkins gaelic blessing and bag pipers
12:15-12:50 Bells of the North Dancers Morris Women
12:55 -1:35 Big Tree performs
1:40-2:00 bag pipe band
2:00-2:40 Minnesota Traditional Morris Men
2:40-3:40 Switched @ Birth performs
3:45-4:20 Bitter Mash Border Team
4:25-4:45 Braggarts Morris Men
4:45-6:00 Northerly Gales performs
6:00-6:30 Scottish dancers with bag pipers
6:30-8 The Wild Colonial Bhoys performs
8pm piper

Full service inside, of course! Jake and Friends will be performing inside all afternoon, so if you need to step in and cool down, you will still be entertained!

Pop inside to get a Pimms Pitcher to bring outside with you, too!


Merlins Rest Logo Final

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block party!

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English Cyder Rules

If you are at Merlins Rest on Wednesday, June 8 for Aspall day, you will be asked to participate in the proper etiquette for ordering and drinking traditional English cider!! Here are the rules, so study up!

English Cyder rules
1, In any group of two or more people, one person must buy a round of drinks (preferably Aspall Cyder) for the whole group, everyone takes turns to buy a round of drinks, when each person has bought a round, the process begins again with the first person.

2, unless seated at the bar, the round buyer must also act as waiter for the group
help may be offered, but should not be expect, “Buying your round” means not only paying for the drinks, but going to the bar, ordering the drinks and carrying them all back to the table, the effort involved in delivering the drinks to the group is as important as the expenditure, it is part of the “gift”

3, Fairness: Round-buying is not a matter of strict justice. One person may well end up buying two rounds during a “session”, while other members of the group have only bought one round each. Over several “sessions”, rough equality is usually achieved, but it is extremely bad manners to whine about this.
Any outward sign of miserliness, calculation or reluctance to participate wholeheartedly in the ritual is severely frowned upon.
To be branded with “he doesn’t buy his round” is a dire insult. It is thus important to try always to be among the earliest to say “It’s my round,” rather than waiting until the other members of the group have bought “their” rounds and it is quite obviously your turn.

4, Never wait until all one’s companions’ glasses are empty before offering to buy the next round. The correct time to say “It’s my round” is when the majority of the glasses are about three-quarters empty, this ensures that the flow of alcohol is continuous, that no-one is ever left without a drink even for a few minutes.

5, It is acceptable occasionally to refuse a drink during the round-buying process, at no time should one attempt to make an issue or moral virtue out of your moderate intake, and this certainly does not exempt you from your round-buying obligation. Even if you are drinking less than the others, you should still “buy your round”.

5, Never refuse a drink that is offered as a “peace-making” gesture or that is clearly a significant, personal friendship-signal, doing so is considered to be very rude, there is usually no excuses for failing to perform the sacred round-buying ritual.



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