Feis Ile Islay May 27 – June 3

In honour of Feis Ile Islay festival, happening at Merlins Rest as well as Islay, Scotland, stop in any day between Saturday, May 27 and Saturday, June 3 and receive $2 off full measures and $1 off drams of expressions from the celebrated distilleries on their respective days. Merlins Rest currently carries the largest selection of single malt scotch (and Irish Whiskey) in the state, and competitively in the midwest region.


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Campbeltown Malt Festival May 24 – 26

It is day 2 out of 3 of our celebration of the Campbeltown Malts Festival at Merlins Rest (which is going on in Campbeltown Scotland as we speak).

$2 off a full measure and $1 off a dram of these beauties, running until closing time on Friday, May 26.

Glenglye Kilkerran Sherry Cask, Glenglye Kilkerran Bourbon Cask,

Glen Scotia Double Cask, Glen Scotia 15yr, Glen Scotia Victoriana,

Hazelburn 8yr, Hazelburn 10yr, Hazelburn 10yr Rundlets & Kilderkins (rare), Hazelburn 12yr

Longrow 10yr, Longrow 11yr Rundlets & Kilderkins (rare) Longrow 14yr Burgundy Cask, Longrow 18yr, Longrow Peated,

Springbank 9yr Gaja Barolo, Springbank 10yr, Springbank 12yr Green (rare) Springbank 12yr Cask Strength, Springbank 15yr, Springbank 18yr 

An exquisite selection and only available at Merlins Rest.

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Pie of the Week May 23 – 29

Braised pork roast with mushrooms and tomatoes, combined with dirty rice and Hungarian smoked paprika. Wrapped in a buttery puff pastry and served with mixed greens.


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Pie of the Week May 16 – 22

Who doesn’t love tacos!?! Seasoned ground beef, black beans, and onions wrapped in a buttery puff pastry, topped with fresh lettuce and tomato and our seasoned Avocado sour cream.

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Pie of the Week May 9 – 15

Salmon and Shrimp in a creamy sauce topped with house mash and cheeses, wrapped in a buttery pastry and served with sun kissed mixed greens!

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