Crash into our PUB!@!*%#

Many of you may have noticed the big plywood window in our pub…

well this is what happened – on June 12th at around 11:30 am a car ran a red light and another car trying to avoid that car, ran into our building. We tried to get out of the way, but we can’t move!! Lucky, no one was hurt – except maybe the ego of the male that was driving the run away car. Sadly, this man did not have a license or insurance – this may be the reason he didn’t see the building coming at him. We have been in heavy negotiations with our fantastic insurance company (and we were out of the country for a period of time, which caused further delay) but it looks like we may be coming to the end of our talks and work should start this month. all together – FINGERS CROSSED. You probably won’t notice much change from the original building but you will see WINDOWS!! Thank you very much for all the support and the continued business during this very trying time.

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Kids menu is here – finally!!

After many years of waiting – we have finally put together a children’s menu for our favorite patrons!! The menu is available to all tiny patrons under the age of 10 years old. All include fruit and milk or apple juice. Please let us know what you think – also be sure to try out the very cool app COLAR MIX – You will see explosions!!!

photo copy

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World Cup Championship Game

This Sunday July 13th on the big screen!! Plus we will have GUINNESS!!Attachment-1

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We are celebrating Dads and all men that are like a dad!! Buy them a Burger and a Beer for only 12.00 all day Sunday


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Dinner starts at 4!! every day!!

Check out our new Summer Menu!! Menu-Front-Summer-5-2014-V10Summer-food-menu-back-5-2014-V11



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