Wild Bill Watkins

One of Merlins Rest’s most notable friends is the writer Bill Watkins, or “Wild Bill” as we sometimes refer to him.  His official title is our Minister of Culture, which isn’t as glamorous as an OBE Knighthood but it’s the best we can offer.

Bill Watkins author

Bill Watkins, Minister of Culture

Find him here a few times per week sharing his stories of a life spent in his native Ireland and around the United Kingdom. Also, he makes kilts to order for a number of our patrons and friends, as well as helps schedule or lead cultural and music events. Further, Bill is the man who has selected nearly every piece that decorates our pub, including the family crests along the upper walls.

Bill is the author of three legendary books on his life growing up (or at least older) in Britain: “A Celtic Childhood“, “Scotland is Not for the Squeamish” and “The Once and Future Celt“.

Look for Bill at his best as he leads our Wednesday Pub Quiz at Merlin’s Rest.

Visit his NEW WEBSITE: KeltCom.com.

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