Tips for Keeping Gifts Safe

Attention Holiday Shoppers!

Tis’ the season for gifts and giving, but don’t forget about the “shoppers” lurking around vehicles looking for shiny new presents you’ve paid for! This holiday season, Merlins Rest would like to give you all a few short tips on keeping your gifts safe in your car while you’re out and about!

1. Leave nothing for temptation. Do not keep any valuables, bags, briefcases, purses or shopping bags in plain sight.

2. Store all your bags and gifts in the trunk of your vehicle before you reach your destination. Placing items under your seat should be done beforehand as well, being sure they are out of sight.

3. Keep valuables like phones, cameras or radios locked in the glove box if you don’t plan on keeping them on you.

4. Do not assume locking the doors is enough. You don’t want to replace a window on top of that new bathrobe for Grandma!

Whether it’s a new iPod for your daughter, a Kitchen Aid mixer for your wife, or a set of embroidered handkerchiefs for dad, we want to make sure your gifts make it to the right recipient this year!

Be safe, stay warm & drink scotch!

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