Scotch Tasting & Dydd Gŵyl Dewi!

Merlin’s Beard! It’s March 1: Saint David’s Day. That’s right, the Patron Saint of Wales! He, who is honored with leeks and daffodils. Get on up to Merlins Rest this eve and celebrate one of the four major Isles’ saints we like to toast (the others being George, Andrew and Patrick on their respective days).

And being the first Thursday of the month, that means we also have a scotch/whiskey tasting! Earlier today, we actually had a couple spots left for the tasting. I can’t promise they are still available as you read this…they tend to sell out…but call 612 216 2419 and inquire, if you are interested in reserving a space at the tasting. The pub is still open to all, of course; but because we choose from a special selection of our massive stock of unique single-malts and blends from Scotland and Ireland (and even Wales, come to think on it!), we limit the number of active tasting participants. So give us a bell!

Whether you’ve got a taste for single-malts or just want a bit of a warm atmosphere and some celebration tonight, we’ve got it. Join us!

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