Well well Wells…

There’s always something “brewing” here….Often, we tell you of something special the kitchen team has cooked up, or we mention the addition of a few more bottles to our enormous collection of single-malt scotches and Irish whiskeys. We say less about the fascinating beers that come through, though. But they do come through.

Wells Bombardier is a premium English bitter, and the sort of refreshment you will seldom find in the US. We tapped another keg recently and it was perfect. Be sure to get up here and see if we’ve anything left….

Come early, come often. Some of our beer selections may change, but the good times they aren’t a-changin’. They keep on rollin’. (Or is that flowin’?)


Our managers must be terrible at maths, because this deal is awesome. Take advantage of it, my friends! This holiday season, we’re giving away $10 gift cards to those who buy $50 in gift cards. Treat a friend, and get something special for yourself.

Stop in to the pub for details or email us at chatwithmerlin@yahoo.com

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