Rugby World Cup Semi-Finals Saturday

The Rugby World Cup (RWC) has been unfolding in New Zealand for the past month+, and to judge by the results the forthcoming Six Nations contest between Ireland, Scotland, England, Wales, France and Italy should be cracking. All (but Italy) shone in New Zealand. Strong, physical play and bursts of speed have characterized these matches, as has an understandably fierce level of national pride and anxiety. In the quarterfinals, Wales outmuscled a very difficult Irish side while France surprised and dispatched an English squad that had been playing some extraordinary matches during the pool play.

As we enter this weekend’s semi-finals, two fantastic matches await. Catch them both here at Merlins Rest:

Saturday, 12:00 pm – Wales vs. France
Sunday, 12:00 pm – Australia vs. New Zealand

Two big rivals from the Six Nations and the two biggest teams in the RWC host region square off. We are assured of two things: brilliant competition in the semis and a raucous final.

Join us for the RWC spirit, treat yourself to some breakfast or lunch, and raise a pint to what may not be “the Beautiful Game” but is quite smashing all the same.

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