Pub Quiz Wednesday, Special Whiskey Tasting Thursday

Every Wednesday yer man Bill Watkins leads the levity brigade here at Merlins with the Cities’ most genuine and genuinely entertaining Isles-style pub quiz. Join us at 7:30 pm for 25 questions and plenty of fun. Get a pint, get a plate, bring a friend, what have you. Come early and reserve your seat.


Whiskey Tasting
September 15
Half-Way to Saint Patrick’s Day Whiskey Tasting! Though the big party is Saturday night, a whiskey tasting was certainly called for. Take part at7:30 pm. This may be a crowded one, though, so please consider calling the pub to potentially reserve a spot: 612 216 2419.

Special Dinner
September 17
We’ll serve up traditional Corned Beef and Cabbage dinner starting at 4:00 pm. Enjoy our braised in Black Butte Porter Corned Beef Brisket as the star! And, of course, wash it down with an Irish beverage or two.

Through September 18

To celebrate the Boss’s birthday (and we don’t mean Bruce Springsteen’s) we’re serving up specials all week on a couple classic English pints: Old Speckled Hen (which Elvis Costello adores) and Fullers ESB.

Get ‘em on tap for $4.50 a pint…and we mean an IMPERIAL pint. Her majesty approves of a taller pint than the standard American sort. Cheers!

Also, Schells has produced a beautiful Octoberfest beer this year, and we’ve got it on tap. Say hello to this fantastic tap while supplies last.

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