Quiz Time…and We’re Hiring

While holidays like Labor Day can drop us down in a confused situation of missed Tuesday appointments (operating under the delusion it might only be Monday), the fantastic upside is that by the time you’re up to speed on the week it’s already Wednesday and you can think of the coming weekend fondly. And how can you not with these gorgeous late summer days?

Here’s how we’re spending part of our Wednesday: with the always popular, always fun Wednesday Night Pub Quiz. Join yet man Bill Watkins (who has had a couple books republished of late by Scarlette Press) at 7:30 pm sharpish for 25 questions and loads of laughs. Come early and get your seats! It’s a great crowd her on Wednesday. We hope you spend part of your evening with us too.


We’ve been on a hiring kick of late to keep up with strong business. (Thank you all for such fantastic support!) Currently, we’re looking for experienced kitchen help. With our seasonally changing menus and pub specials influenced both by locally available and grown ingredients and our strong (and direct) connection to the pubs in Ireland and the United Kingdom, we really need experienced kitchen personnel to keep pace with the demand. (Our small kitchen space has a high output, so a premium is placed on organization, keeping the workspace clean and ready for reuse, and timely execution.) If you or someone you know is right for this, please give us a bell or pop through to discuss. What we’re seeking:

Kitchen – full time prep cook.  Must be able to follow recipes (but think independently), be very organized, cook soups from scratch, work well on a time limit and has experience working on a line

Line cook – part time (approx. 20 hours a week). Must be able to work evenings and weekends, must be able to multi task. Must be a clean chef.

Merlins Rest has high expectations for our employees. We must constantly provide the greatest customer service possible; it’s what we owe to this fantastic community we are blessed to be a part of. Contact chatwithmerlin@yahoo.com.

Resume is necessary as well as references

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