A Picture Says a 1000 Words. We say: Thank you!

A pub is its people, friends. Here are two photographs that show exactly why we love our days and nights here:

PHOTO 1 (above) is of the awesome supporters who gathered here to root on Team USA in the Women’s World Cup, Sunday, July 17. We’re big soccer fans here, of course, so it makes us abundantly happy that the rest of you enjoy it too!

PHOTO 2 is from our every-third-Monday Shanty Pub Sing.  This pic is hot off the press too (snapped Monday night, July 18). The Pub Sing may involve sea shanties, drinking songs, labor anthems, old-time gospel, patriotic doggerel or whatever else strikes the crowd’s fancy and works with a bunch of unrehearsed singers. It also pairs wonderfully with beer, Irish whisky, pub plates, and so much more.

Thank you so much for making these times lively. Whether it’s professional sports, blind darts, group knitting, Doctor Who episode viewing, live music, or improvised, unhearsed pub singing, it’s a blast.

Thank you, friends.

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