Eyes on the Prize

While those of us here at home have our eyes on all the lovely things served up through the day–breakfast at Merlins!, cold cold pints on a hot hot day, etc.–the US women are still in Germany and getting set to give it their all for the World Cup title on Sunday.

We will be showing the US – Japan match live on the big screen here. It’s been fantastic to see father-daughter pairs cheering on the squad here at the pub. It’s been fantastic to see pints nearly spilled as grown men leap from their seats in celebration of Abby Wambach’s extraordinary play.

Come Sunday, we hope you’ll join us too as we cheer on the home team against a very surprising but top notch Japanese squad. The game starts at 1:00 pm, but we’re open at 10:00 am on the weekends for breakfast. Beat the heat here at the pub and enjoy the Beautiful Game.

Saturday, 10:00 am

But first! On Saturday, Sweden and France play for third place. Sweden has been an offensive machine this World Cup but they ran off the rails versus Japan’s shutdown defense. France plays with speed and physicality…which is sure to get the ire up on the conflict-disliking Nordic side. Should be a spirited match with plenty of quality play.

Kickoff about 10:15, so get on up here for breakfast!

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