Brunch and Who

Rain or shine, we open at 10:00 am on Saturday and Sunday for some of the Cities’ best breakfast and brunch bites. From British classics like Toad in the Hole to American classics like Ranch Skillets, we’ve got something for everyone. And the coffee pours endlessly, of course.

Want a little spark with your brunch? Try the Chiswick (our version of the Bloody Mary)…and maybe a Scotch Egg.


Few shows have had such a dedicated and fun-loving following as Doctor Who. And outside of the occasional soap and news cast, very few programs have enjoyed such a long run. Each month, fans of Doctor Who gather here at Merlins Rest to meet and greet, share some laughs, and even view an episode on the big screen.

They’ll be up here around 4:00 pm, Saturday. Familiar with and enjoy the show? Consider joining this group. These Whovians are fantastic.

And while your here, enjoy a summery pub plate from our new menu….

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