The Doctor’s Cake & One Hot Club

Four years ago, our friends in the Doctor Who Meetup Group began meeting up here. Since then, their monthly gatherings have been one of the must dynamic community events. It is not unusual to find more than 50 people taking part in the conversation, raising a pint to the Doctor, showing classic episodes, and all in all adding some very unique culture.

Today (Saturday, April 16) is the fourth anniversary of this group’s gathering here. Join us, please, in wishing them a very happy day: 4:00 – 7:00 pm.

Did we mention there will be CAKE!?

~8:30 pm

One of the Twin Cities best musical acts–Papa John and the Hot Club–comes to Merlins each Saturday evening. With a mix of jazz, blues and some other rollickin’ genres mixed together, this veteran crew of musicians provides some truly gorgeous notes for a Saturday night.

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