Livin’ Live, Salmon Sensation, Awesome Abe, & the Pub Quiz

Our friends from Twin Cities Live will be at the pub tonight at 5:00 pm to film a little bit ahead of Friday’s show. So come on up and give ’em a lovely welcome. We appreciate their interest and hope you’ll lend them your support too.

Raise your pint proudly!


With the start of Lent beginning today, Merlins is offering a salmon dinner special today as well as again on Fridays throughout Lent. Grilled salmon, wild rice pilaf and green beans sauteed in almond butter for only $9.75. If you give up one thing for Lent, give up giving up too much for a wonderful dinner!


Our good friend Abe is having surgery today. (We’ve published a bit about him on this blog before.) Please keep him in your good thoughts today and every day as he continues on his long and difficult recovery journey. He’s a wonderful lad. Learn more about his story here:

7:30 pm

So. After the last weekend I found myself even more delusional than normal and with a bit of a fever. Battened down the brain. Brained it, even. But here we are, Wednesday. That’s a lovely thing. And what better way to get the brain fully in motion than dinner at Merlins Rest, a couple pints of me favorite, and the Watkins Wednesday Pub Quiz at 7:30 pm?

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