New Monthly Event

Tonight, February 28, we launch a new series of acoustic blues. This special series will start at 7:00 pm and run until about 10:00…meaning ample opportunity for those who must get up early to hear some wonderful live music, and those who cannot or do not emerge at the pub until later can get their share of music too.

Running monthly on the month’s most distant Mondays, you’ll be able to catch Doug Otto and Albert Perez (March 28), Papa John Kolstad and Clint Hoover (April 25), and Lonesome Dan Kase (May 30). Papa John will host this series. Full schedule/musician details follows below.

Tonight, get a taste of all these fine musicians. It’s going to be a fantastic new series. We’re excited to be its home.


The Twin Cities have had a national reputation for great blues for over 40 years. In the 1960s this was a creative center for the acoustic, down home, prewar blues. The great talent and brilliant playing of Koerner, Ray and Glover was recognized internationally. Lazy Bill Lucas, Willie Murphy and many others shared their blues with the audiences of this town. There were many coffee houses, clubs and concert venues for musicians to play.  Through the years things changed and most blues you could hear was the electric Chicago style blues. Though great music, featuring many very talented players it was very different from the more subtle, quieter,  harmonically more complex, acoustic country or down home blues.


March 28,  Doug Otto and Albert Perez.    Doug is a great singer and will knock you dead with his singing of these old blues.  Albert will be backing him up with great guitar licks. It is exciting and hopeful for me to see such talented and committed young musicians taking on acoustic blues with such skill.

April 25,   Papa John Kolstad and Clint Hoover.   This may be one of the last shows to see Clint with Papa John in the Twin Cities.  Clint is moving to Pittsburgh around the end of May. Although Papa John and Clint play often with the Hot Club of East Lake, it is fairly rare  to see them doing the acoustic blues in the Twin Cites, with Papa John on 12 String and Clint mostly on blues harp. One never knows who might drop by to sit in.

May 30,   Lonesome Dan Kase.   Dan is an amazing player and performer.  He plays many of those blues you heard on records and always wanted to know how to play.  Well, Dan does it and does it incredibly well.   You also will hear where the tunes come from and  who played  them.

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