Cooley for Kilts and Corsets

Merlins beard! We’ve got an exclusive from County Louth for you tonight. Read on.

So: It’s Kilt & Corset Night again–the weekly Friday hoolie during which many of us don the tartans, while right here in the pub some of the finest traditional Irish musicians in the Cities show up to play. The taps flow, the stories come out. There’s that lovely laugh in the corner and a rollicking tune from the pipes and fiddles. It’s winter out but warm in here.

These are happy days. And they’re getting happier.

While the light builds a little more each day, let the light inside you shine bright. The Cooley Distillery, which happens to be one of our favorites up in County Louth, has produced a gorgeous Uisce Beatha Slieve Foy, a smooth golden 8 yr old single-malt whisky.  

Get it here TONIGHT, Friday, February 25. We’ve got Minnesota’s grandest collection of single malts and blends, both Irish and Scottish, and tonight’s offering is a Merlins exclusive and something to behold, to be held, and to be had. Cheers!

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