Scottish Pub Night!

First: Maddie celebrated a birthday this week, so we’re celebrating too!

Second: At 10:00 pm, tonight (Friday) we are bringing back the Sidhe…and pipers!!

Third: Royal Scottish Country Dance Society Twin Cities Branch  has a big weekend coming up, starting with pub night at Merlins Rest on Friday. All welcomed! Don your kilts or corsets. Wear your flat cap at a jaunty angle. Or simply come up to support either your own Scottish roots or the fact that we can, here at the Rest, celebrate cultures of all sorts. It’s Friday, afterall, and Fridays are meant for release.

The Royal Scots will also be at the Scottish Ramble ( this weekend. Catch their performance at 1:00 pm on Sunday, then give it a try yourself. They will also be giving a presentation on the history of Scottish country dancing at 3:15 pm.

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