Its the end of the year! really it is, where did it go the last 364 days I here you ask, well they had to leave so we can make way 365  new ones.

Tonight we will be toasting the start of 2011 and celebrating the end of 2010, what a year its been.

We have a Celtic Jam Sessiun followed by the Great Langers Ball, and pipers. the Celtic Jam will start the evenings entertainment leading up to the Langers who will kick off around 9:00pm, Jimmy one of our favorite pipers will do the honors of piping in the new year, then more festivities to follow.

And please remember we will have our late night menu available as usual from 11:00pm until 1:00am of next year

New Years Day

We will be opening the doors at 4:00pm, a comfy booths are a great place to relax after a hard day of retail therapy.

Pappa John and the Hot Club opening notes at 8:00pm sharp!


Doors open at 10:00am for Breakfast, try a Chiswick our version of a Bloody Mary, packed with goodness

Special return visit from Jack Klatt Band 4-7pm – if you missed him the last time you will surely want to be here this Sunday!

Sunday Quiz night at 7:30pm with return Guest quizzer Barbara Graham calling out the questions.

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