Quiz Time & Norwegian TV

Well, that snow was bracing! But what better way to defeat winter’s bite than with a bit of pub magic? We’ve got warm rooms, warming beverages, and warming plates of the best fish and chips (as well as other pub fare) in the Twin Cities. For those truly brutal eves, we’ve got Minnesota’s biggest selection of single malts and Irish whiskeys. Get on up here!


Warm up body, soul and brain with our Sunday Pub Quiz. Yer man Bill Watkins leads the scene. Join us at 7:30 pm sharphish, every Sunday night, for the most fun you’ll ever have in an interogation. Twenty-five questions and lots of laugh. Tell the snow where to go and join us for an evening of merriment. It’s winter. It’s a dish best served warm in the pub.


Free public screenings of the Norwegian reality TV show “Alt for Norge!” (Everything for Norway!) are here. We’ve got a fantastic staving music community at Merlins Rest, and we’re extremely lucky to land this truly unique broadcast opportunity. The deets:

What: Norwegian Reality Show featuring four Minnesotans. “Alt for Norge,” approx. 45 min each, in English and Norwegian (no subtitles).

Description: “Ten Americans compete for a chance to meet their Norwegian Relatives”, hosted by Nordic Roots Artist and show participant, Kari Tauring.

Where/When: Here! Merlin’s Rest. Brief Introduction at 5:30 pm on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays, beginning in December. Each episode is 45 minutes.

* December 14 and 28 – Episode One – Meeting the Contestants (plus extra footage of Kari’s application video shot in Minneapolis by Drew Miller).
** January 11 and 25 Episode Two – The First elimination
*** February 8 and 22 Episode Three – Rudigard!
**** March 8 and 22 Episode Four – Kari komme heim.

More Information

Each 45 minute episode is mostly English as none of the contestants could speak Norwegian. The strange and excellent graphics created by the filming company, Monster Norway, make the Norwegian narrator quite comprehensible.

http://www.tvnorge.no/programmer-tvn/alt-for-norge (use google translate!)


Other Minnesota Celebrities you might recognize in the show are Signe Harriday (Frank Theater production, “Eclipsed”) and professional wrestler, Joseph “Thoruf” Ruud. From Alexandria is Grant Aaseng and from Dawson, Debra Breberg.
Visit their facebook fan pages!

Norwegian Event Contact

Kari Tauring, Völva – http://karitauring.com
New Phone Number – USA +1 612 454 5068

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