Shanty, Staving, Serving Turkey

Wow! After a blast of snow and ice, I found myself without Internet and the need to have the line redone from the street to the house. But don’t cry for me! I sustained myself on Guinness. I recommend the same for all.



Shanty Pub Quiz! — 7:00 pm
Join us for a gloriously warm, holiday week pub sing in the Isles style. Translation: it’s loaded with laughs and red cheeks.


Irish Hour (5:30 pm) with Jim Brooks; followed by traditional Nordic Staving Music (7:00 pm).


Don’t be a turkey! Join us for a pre-Thanksgiving Wednesday Pub Quiz with Bill Watkins (7:30 pm)


We’re opening early (high noon) to serve up a special traditional holiday meal from 12:00 – 5:00 pm. And there will be music in the evening. Our good friends Deano and the Dinosaurs will play starting at 8:30 pm.


And for those getting out to shop, or those hiding for the frenzy, we’ll open early (again at 12:00 pm). We’ll have some special Merlins Hot Chocolate (made with Cadbury’s) to help you cope with or recover from the day.

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