Happy Birthday, Knitters and Kennan!

Merlins Rest is a pub defined by its community. A number of groups call our tables home, and we are honored to have them as our friends. Today (Friday, November 12) one of our largest groups is celebrating its third anniversary: the Knitters!

They humorously call it Drunken Knit Night (DKN), and there is plenty of beer, but more than anything it’s a lot of fun. Where else are you going to see tables and tables of pint-tipping people wielding needles and telling tales? Nowhere else. Got an interest? All are invited. Like everything else here, hey: it’s public. It’s a pub.

Cheers to the Knitters! They’ll be here ~4:00-7:00 pm.


And we’d be remissed if we didn’t mention that Kennan will be here tonight to celebrate his third birthday with his family. You are loved!


Bob’s Birthday, Scottish Show

In the movie Unforgiven, one of the outlaws is known as English Bob. Well, we’ve got a Scottish Bob. Actually, we’ve got a Bob, and he just went to Scotland. And he’s turning 76. So join us as we wish him a very happy birthday. He’ll also share some photos from his recent trip. Lovely.

Happy 50th, Matt

Our very good friend Matt Donahoe will be celebrating his 50th birthday on Saturday. Cheers!

Music: Papa Time
Saturday, 9:00 pm

Saturday’s music comes from Papa John and the Hot Club of East Lake. Catch one of the Twin Cities’ best acts at 9:00 pm.


* Music from the extremely awesome Switched at Birth (4:00 – 7:00 pm)
** Sunday Pub Quiz: 7:30 pm

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