Quiz Today, Football Tomorrow

The Wednesday Pub Quiz with Bill Watkins takes place tonight at 7:30 pm. This weekly event is always blast: 25 questions, many more laughs. It’s an Isles-style pub quiz delivered by the Twin Cities’ best quizmaster, oh he of worldly wanderings.

Join us tonight!

Thursday, 7:30 pm

Thursday, September 9 kicks off both the NFL season and the Minnesota Vikings’ next grand campaign. Come root on the home town team as they look to get revenge against the Saints for last season’s heartbreaking loss in the NFC title game. (Let’s hold onto the football this time, boys!)

In celebration of football’s return, we are kicking it off with $1.00 off bottled beers, buck a dogs, and Jambalaya for $5.00 a bowl. 

Specials start 30 minutes before game.

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