Premiership Football Kick-Off Weekend

The English Premier League provides an international showcase of talent and an unmatched level of fan frenzy and fun. This weekend, August 14 and 15, Merlins Rest is proud to begin showing Premiership matches live on the big screen.

To boot, we’re serving up breakfast alongside the broadcasts!

The schedule:


* Open for breakfast at 9:00 am
** GAME: Aston Villa v West Ham (9:00 am)
*** GAME: Chelsea v West Bromwich (11:30 am)
**** Sal & Yanaba’s Wedding Party (7:30 pm) – We are so pleased for Sal and Yanaba. They met at the pub and fell in love over a couple of Jamesons! We are celebrating on Saturday evening and EVERYONE is welcome to come and cheer on our friends.
***** Music (9:00 pm): Special summer custom edition of the Hot Club of East Lake featuring Liz Draper on Bass and Nate Babbs on Drums from the band Black Blondie, along with Tom Cravens on guitar, Sam Fiske on trumpet and Miss Mary Leinfelder sitting in on Vocals. Jazz, Blues, and Hi-tops. More free music. Free is cool. 


* Open for breakfast at 9:00 am
** GAME: Liverpool v Arsenal (10:00 am)
*** Sunday Night Pub Quiz (7:30 pm)


Tracie and Lee just returned from a trip to England and have brought back an excellent approach to carrot and coriander soup. Try it this coming week at Merlins and enjoy a fantastic recipe from the pubs back home.

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