Want to Master a Pub Quiz?

Want to master a pub quiz? Simple! Become a quizmaster! Our Sunday Pub Quiz (7:30 pm) features a rotating line up of quizmasters. Please know that we are always looking for more to take up this role on Sunday evenings. 25 questions to entertain and amaze. There’s even a little something in it for you. Contact us at chatwithmerlin@yahoo.com for more information.


Normal hours. Open at 4:00 pm.

Music (8:00 pm) – Nikki and the Ruemates deliver the blues.


Open at 3:00 pm. This week’s Friday fun includes:
(a) the return of Drunken Knitters Night [4:00 – 7:00 pm]
(b) Kilt Night
(c) Live Irish Music [circa 8:30 pm]

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