Friday, and a Jug Band Breakfast Is Coming

On Friday, we’ll open at 1:00 pm for the Uruguay vs. Ghana quarterfinal World Cup match (1:30 pm kickoff). Can the lone African team left keep the magic going? Or will the original World Cup winners, who seemed to have bottled lightning for this run, continue Latin America’s dominance in the bracket?

In the evening, we’ll hold the weekly international hoolie, as we’ve got Kilt Night with live, traditional Irish music (circa 8:30 pm).


We’ll open at 8;30 am for breakfast and show the 9:00 am Argentina vs. Germany donnybruck. Too bad this match up is in the quarters and not later! Fantastic skills on both teams. Maradona’s madness against Germany’s aggressive aerial game.

At 1:30 pm, we’ll continue with the World Cup as we show Spain vs. Paraguay. Spain seems to finally be finding some form. But they won’t have much room for error against Paraguay incredibly surprising showing. If Spain limps out in this one, as they have a couple other matches in the tournament, they might just be watching the semi-finals back home.

In the evening, we’ll have some awesome music: Papa John and the Hot Club of East Lake (8:00 pm).

4th of July!

We open at 12:00 pm. Happy birthday, America! Come celebrate with us.

July 18

Special Event! The Fat Chance Jug Band will play in both the morning and afternoon on July 18 as we celebrate the official kickoff for weekend breakfast at Merlins. We’ve been open for breakfast many mornings during the World Cup, but when the soccer ends, we’re going to continue the weekend breakfasts. Open at 9:00 am. Join us for the celebration!

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