What a day! Thanks, all, for joining us this morning for breakfast and the incredibly tense USA vs. Algeria match. Algeria kicked it off the posts a couple times, and the US missed the mark repeatedly during a desperate second half. But Landon Donovan, pushing the break after a brilliant pass from the goalie, delivered a fantastically thrilling 91st-minute goal to win the group. And thank god for England finally finding some cohesion and reaching the net with character. (Nice lineup move by Capello, though Rooney is still used poorly in this scheme!)

Also in sports today, Wimbledon is odd odd odd with the Isner and Mahut match reaching a second day of suspended play, now at 59 – 59 in the fifth set. WHAT!?

Please know we’ll be open on Saturday and Sunday morning for breakfast and the World Cup on the big screen. The weekend match-ups are known:

Saturday, 9:00 am – Uruguay vs. South Korea
Saturday, 1:30 pm – USA vs. Ghana
Sunday, 9:00 am – Germany vs. England
Sunday, 1:30 pm – Argentina vs. Mexico

Awesome. We’ll see you this weekend!

Pub Quiz!

Don’t forget! It isn’t all football these days. We’ve got the weekly Wednesday Pub Quiz tonight at 7:30 pm.

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