Special Friday Hours – World Cup Breakfast!


Special Event! Open at 8:30 am for breakfast! We’ve enjoyed such fantastic response during this World Cup that we’re going to open extra early on Friday so that fans can come up and watch the USA take on Slovenia in what is pretty much a must-win for the Americans. Slovenia (with fewer people than Minnesota!) is the surprising group leader right now. The Americans need at least one point from the match to give themselves a chance at moving on. The game kicks off at 9:00 am.

So pop up for breakfast with the World Cup! We’ll show the game on the big screen. Check out our Merlins breakfast menu. It’s getting awesome reviews. We’ll serve it up through 12:00 pm. And later…

* Live World Cup Match (1:30 pm) – England vs. Algeria! Our boys from the Isles need to show up for this one. Rooney, we suspect, is feeling a bit peckish and is going to try to feast on goal chances in this one. Algeria can play tough, though. They’re certainly not pushovers. So look for some flashes of brilliance and sudden flashes of anger from both squads. It’s going to be a loud game and lots of fun. Be part of our party!

Afterwards, we’ll reshow either the USA match or the Germany vs Serbia match (which takes place in the wee hours of the morning here).

Music (8:30 pm) – Kilt Night with Live Irish Music

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